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Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

We have received direction from Bishop Sean to the effect that all services are to be canceled until further notice. This has been affirmed by the Standing Committee. Pastor Rumfelt, Dean of the Lutheran Conference and Pam Perdue, President of the Lutheran parish council have agreed that this is to be applied to our Lutheran community as well.  We are a community of hope and not fear but good sense and responsibility support this decision.


Beginning this Sunday, March 29th, at 11:00 am I will lead a digital Morning Prayer on the Zoom Meeting platform.  We will also have Bible Study on the Zoom platform on Fridays at 10:00 am.  

Here’s what to do:  Find Zoom online or on the app store on your smartphone for video capabilities. If you do not have internet or a smartphone, you can call in on the designated number we sent via email and in the April Newsletter. The meeting number and code will remain the same until further notice.

For Security reasons we are not giving the call in number or meeting code out over social media. Call or email the office if you need information, or help logging on. 

We begin at 11:00 am, but you can sign in/call (Join the meeting) a little before that.

This is new territory for many of us. Staying connected is SO important now. Praying is SO important now. We hope to tweek this system as we dive into this new reality during this very real crisis.

Stay tuned! I look forward to being with you in this new way.

The diocese has a short service at 10:00 am on Zoom.    

The Rev. Richard Elberfeld



St. Paul's Episcopal Church

93 South Erie Street

Mayville, New York 14757

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The Rt. Rev. Sean W. Rowe, Bishop Provisional
The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Elberfeld Jr.
The Rev. Patricia J. Guinn, Deacon
Organist: Sung Hui Elberfeld
Secretary: Shannon Biekarck
Susan Gleason
Gary Saunders
Carol Patton
Bonnie Smith
Fairlee Fischer
 Mary Carlson 
Sandralee Wagner
Jim Willcockson
Christina Deering