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St. Paul's Episcopal Church


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Aalyah, Amy, John Bentley, Lynn Bisbee, Allen Cole, Greg Culver, Rex Fuller, Basil Gedz, Cynthia Gedz, Sharon Goupil, The Rev. Susan Hadley, Nancy Hall, Phoenix Harris,  Dawn Henry, Rod Hunt, John Lanz, Ralph Lee, Amanda Letourneau, Mary Carlson Marshall, Megan McCartney,  Drake Mckane, Larry Mckane,  Sally Merwin, Dakota Miller, Patty Morton, Nick, Ruth Nelson, Toni Owens, Alan Riedesel, Kate Ryan, Damion Saunders, Teddy Saunders, Barbara Schmitt, Brent Schuster, Anne Smith, Lucy Taylor, Bev Teague, Russ Weise Jr., Jim and Joyce Willcockson, Anthony Williams, Sarah Van Staalduinen, and Mike Zenns.

Bishops Elizabeth Eaton & John Macholz, Upstate NY Synod Companion ELCZ Churches in Zimbabwe and ELCZa Churches in Zambia,  The Rt. Rev. Sean W. Rowe, Bishop Provisional, The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop. 

Especially pray for Also pray for those looking for work, first responders, those in areas of violence, those serving in the military, and their families, especially: Andrew Biekarck, Hunter Carey, Owen Carey, Adam Scott Connick, Dillion Cross, Casey Davidson, Kirsten Elliott, Benjamin Golightly, Matthew Guinn, Vince Gustafson, Gregory M. Howe, Remington Jensen, Christopher Keech, Kevin R. Kick, Taylor Loomis, Nate Morton, Maccrea Mullins, John Patterson, Nate Rivera, Benjamin Scheideman, Trace Slumsky, and Avery Webb.






Please let us know when someone needs to be added to or removed from the prayer list.