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St. Paul's Episcopal Church




Please contact the church office at 753-2172 if you or a loved one is in the hospital, or would like a special visit. Also please help keep us up-to-date with our prayer list.

St. Pauls has been very active in donating books to the local Paperback Books for Jail Ministry. This program has been a wonderful success, that grows every year! The prisoners enjoy the books a great deal and are requesting more classic books to read. Only paperback books are accepted, and donation locations are at the Parish office and at St. Mark Lutheran Church.


St. Paul's directory is being updated again, let Shannon know of any changes to phone numbers, email, or your address.

The Deadline for Epistle submissions is the 15th of each month. Anyone is able to submitt articles, photos, birthdays & anniversarys, news or upcomming events (church or community related). We are happy to include past events (history items etc related to St. Paul's) and photos that may also be used for the offical history of the church.


St. Paul's Thrift Shop is located on the first floor of the Outreach Center at 99 So. Erie St. Mayville NY. Please, use the ramp entrance only, located along the driveway. The Thrift Shop is open Mondays, Fridays, & Saturdays 10:00am - 12:30pm. Volunteers are needed for Mondays and Fridays please call the office or stop in if interested.


The Mayville Food Pantry is also located at 99 So. Erie St. in the rear of the Outreach Center. Their hours are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:30am - 12:30pm. Please use the second door, to enter the Food Pantry.


American Friends of the Episcopal diocese of Jerusalem; St. John €™s Haifa, a school of 395 kindergarten through 8th grade students, seeks our prayerful and financial support in their on-going commitment to being a Christian presence in the Holy Land. Every gift and every prayer helps to get the children into an appropriate building environment. More information can be found at


Rx discount card: We have several Community Assistance Program Prescription Drug Discount Cards available for all who are interested. They are FREE, give discounts on prescriptions your present insurance or Medicaid may not help with, and can fill the gaps in the Medicare donut hole. Fairlee has a supply of cards available, and we can get more if we run out.


Current and expired coupons up to six months old are still being collected to help support military families stationed overseas. Collection sites include the Parish office, St. Mark Lutheran Church.