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St. Paul's Episcopal Church


Welcome to St. Paul's, Mayville





 We are so glad you found us!

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
99 South Erie Street
Mayville, New York 14757
(716) 753-2172
  For the month March, we will hold combined worship services at St. Mark Lutheran Church at 10:00 am.
We will follow the Lutheran Liturgy and observe communion each week.
     The Eucharist will be celebrated on Fridays at noon at St. Paul's Outreach Center during the winter months.
          The Rt. Rev. R. William Franklin, Bishop
                     The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Elberfeld Jr.             
    Karlene Gustafson, Warden
Susan Gleason, Warden
Carol Patton, Vestry 
Bonnie Smith, Vestry
Fairlee Fischer, Vestry
Gary Saunders, Vestry
Elizabeth Lanz, Vestry
 Jim Willcockson, Vestry
Christina Deering, Vestry 
Organist: Sung Hui Elberfeld
Church Secretary: Shannon Biekarck 
"Our mission is to continue to develop as a supportive parish family

that shares the message of Christ here, in our community, and beyond."